How to get array value with a numeric index in php?

In this post, we used array_values() function in php to get the value of array by position with arrays with index of 1 key.

Difference between indexed array and associative array in php?

An array is a collection of objects that contain a group of variables stored under the same name. All the elements belong to the same data type, i.e. string, integers, or lists. Keys are unique in the case of both indexed and associative arrays.

How to remove special character from string in php?

In this post,we will leran you how to remove special character from string in php.

How to use array_map() function in php?

The array_map() function returns an array containing the results of applying the callback to each value of the array used as arguments for the callback.

How to use array_reduce() function in php?

array_reduce() Method: As the name suggests, an array_reduce() function reduces the array to a single value by performing the given operation. The array_reduce() applies the callback function to the elements of the array and gives output as a single value.

How to use array_walk() function in php?

array_walk() Method: It applies a user-defined function to every member of an array. The array’s keys and values are parameters in the function. The array_walk() function is not affected by the internal array pointer of the array.

How to round half up numbers in php?

In this post, this function will round the number to half a unit in php.

What’s the difference between define and const in php?

In this post, we give you the difference between const and define in PHP.

How to use cURL in php?

CURL is the library account is used to help to make the transfer data through many other protocol (as HTTP, FPT …).

How to check if date is future date in php?

This tutorial shows you how to check date is future date in php. you will learn php check if date is after today.